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optimal mental wellness

We only sell you products we put in our own body. Actually, we only produce products with ingredients that we know exactly where they come from. That should be a minimum, but unfortunately there are many “producers” of nutritional supplements who imports products from places without any sort of quality assurance, and then they put a cool label on it and sell it as a quality product. 

This approach was discussed internally because it is a lot easier to make lots of money by importing some product and then just labeling it beautifully. However, we ended up taking a stand against white labeling of potentially unknown products. Which means, we work together with Norway’s biggest manufacturer of medicine and plant nutrition, Pharmatech. Our ingredients are either from Norway or sourced through their ethical quality assurance system. The production facilities are FDA approved and even approved by the Norwegian quality assurance “Mattilsynet”, read more about them here. This is our tip to you: if your favorite brand of nutritional supplements are not transparent on their production of products, avoid them at all costs because you do not know how it is manufactured.

Our vision

We want to help individuals to unlock their full cognitive potential and achieve optimal mental wellness. 

This may sound prestigious, especially since we’re currently a very small company with huge ambitions. In other words, we are the underdog who wants to provide an alternative to big pharma. 

As you can read in the post from our co-founder, our vision is fueled by personal transformation. For this reason, we wholeheartedly believe that most humans today are not even close to fulfilling their potential. To fulfill this vision, we have chosen an approach that includes education and cognitive training in addition to our products. 

Holistic approach to mental health

Taking nutritional supplements such as nootropics is a great way to help your brain feel better and when combined with techniques and knowledge, we believe this is the way to reach a holistic approach to mental wellness. 

It would be awesome to have you join us for this journey. Whether you are seeking to enhance your cognitive abilities, improve your mental wellness, or simply curious about the potential within, Nortropics want to be your partner in this exploration.