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A personal message from Peter

Hello friend or stranger who is yet to be a friend. I just wanted to welcome you to our little corner of the world.

First of all, I want to make it clear that neither me, nor Nortropics offer medical advice, neither should this text be taken as medical advice or any indication that our product solve medical problems. This is just me sharing my personal journey and experiences about my own health and what works for me.

Now, lets start.

Nortropics isn’t just a business to me, it is a deeply personal mission, born from my own struggles and triumphs chasing a more healthy life.

Take a moment to think about this, everything you have done until this moment, lead you up to this moment. This moment can mean new thoughts and new actions, or you can choose to replicate yesterday’s moments. It’s quite fascinating, and hopefully it is also a perspective that can assist you in being a little kinder to yourself in your own struggles. 

Understanding human behavior

During my years of education of the human mind, one thing has become apparent to me; your brain’s number one job is to keep you safe. That means whatever habits you have. Or whatever labels you’ve received on your behavior. They came from a place of love.

If you have difficulties feeling emotions today, it began as a result of some kind of survival process, leading you to shut off emotions at a certain point in your life. Your brain helped you cope with your circumstances. Knowing this, and knowing that the brain is capable of “changing its mind”. Its true, your brain has the ability to decide what something should mean. However, an adult who has lived their entire life a certain way will have solid habits. And a lot of automatic thoughts guiding you through life. Those habits and automatic thoughts are not necessarily positive.

For me, this became apparent when I weighed excess of 180 kg’s, close to 400 lbs. It felt like whatever I did, nothing seemed to work. I could change my diet, I could begin to exercise. I lost 10 kgs here and there and before I knew what was happening, I had gained 12 kgs. I had some solid habits that helped me avoid certain emotions which ultimately lead me to eat. A lot. 

In neuroscience there is a term called neuroplasticity. It basically means that your brain has the ability to change how it functions. When we are young, neuroplasticity is high which affects how rapidly you can learn new things. Unlearning what you have learned can be a tricky process, but that is exactly what I had to do. I had to change my mind.

How to loose weight

I needed to unlearn the patterns in my mind that created “my fatness”. For this reason, I needed to work on separating my body from my identity. This was a very emotionally tough process, but I did it. I am still far from my goals, but I no longer eat my emotions. I feel my emotions and I love them. Nevertheless, it was difficult, and if I was to do it again, I would wish that I could do it with something that could help my mind relax more and cope with the changing of thought patterns.

Through this process, the first seeds of Nortropics was planted. I met Stian, who was into the nutritional supplements, and we built a product designed to help the brain handle stress better. 

And this is where we are today. I am in the middle of a journey to a better and more healthy life, and we are in the beginning of building Nortropics to be a healthy company. A company that can hopefully act as a guide and trusting partner in your own health journey. 

I’ve been using our first product now, every day for almost 7 months and I am back working full time. Additionally, my brain fog is gone, I sleep better, I recover faster from the gym. And wow, I am actually back in the gym. More about that for another post and on my personal instagram.

ADHD medication

My final words to you is that I’ve been using Blue Clarity for months and I feel focused and relaxed to the extent that I have stopped taking my ADHD meds. This is in turn is a massive win for me, positively affecting my blood pressure and general mood. 

So yeah, I’m not telling you to buy anything, it’s a pricey product, but it is also a product that I truly believe can impact your health positively. Best of all, it is a product that is produced in Norway by the highest standards, I’ve personally been at the factory to see how it is created. 

We get one body, at least until researchers find a way to transfer consciousness, but that might happen long after we’re gone, unless, of course, you start drinking Blue Clarity each day, then you might live long enough to live forever. 

All jokes aside, this stuff helped me get my life back, and if this article can inspire you to at least just begin to consider what types of untapped potential that lives inside of you, then all of this work is worth it. 

We want to inspire you and help you unleash your own potential.

That’s it for now my friend, talk to you soon

Peter Valderhaug
Co-founder of Nortropics

Note: These statements have not been evaluated trained medical health professionals, nor am I a medical professional. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease